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Excavation - Bistrian Materials has the necessary equipment to effectively execute any size job.   We have the capability and machinery to excavate jobs ranging from small trenches to digging the foundation of a large home.

Land Clearing - Bistrian Materials clears large scale subdivisions, building lots, and road ways.  With our Diamond Z-Tub Grinder we can then turn the cleared foliage into mulch. 

Heavy Hauling & Trucking - Bistrian Materials has 14 trucks capable of hauling heavy loads ranging from 3 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.  With the use of a Low-Boy trailer we can transport heavy machinery to and from any location.

Sanitary Systems - Bistrian Materials installs residential, commercial, and industrial sanitary systems.

Drainage Systems - Bistrian Materials installs residential, commercial, and industrial drainage systems. 

Demolition - Bistrian Materials has equipment ranging from large excavators, cranes, and pay loaders to demo any size project.  Using this equipment in conjunction with our large trucking fleet, even large jobs can be torn down and cleaned up efficiently.  

Land Grading - Bistrian Materials  performs land grading for residential, commercial, and athletic site. 

Marine Dredging - Bistrian Materials is capable of dredging small channels, water ways, restoring beaches as well as installing beach revetments to slow erosion processes.

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